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CA / G&G M14 mechbox upgrades

So I've done a bit of research, and I know all but a couple things I need to order, so I'm asking if anyone has had any experience with this mechbox.

What I've concluded from my research is the CA mechbox is basically a G&G clone, as such they have an irregular or proprietary cylinder head. The airseal nozzle is apparently an AUGs.

The list of compatible mechbox parts are:

V2/V3 Gears
V3 Spring Guide
AUG Airnozzle
Short Motors
V2/V3 Standard Cylinder
V2/V3 Standard Piston
V2/V3 Standard Piston Head
G&G M14 Proprietary Cylinder Head
G&G M14 Proprietary Tappet Plate (might be a V6 with some sanding)

My question obviously is upgrading the cylinder head, I have found a G&G upgrade cylinder head. From what I can tell its just a cylinder head with an offset air nozzle

Anyone have any experience with upgrading one of these?
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