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FreelancerInc June 6th, 2013 19:25

1@ ESS Ice Glasses
1@ smith Optics Echo's

2@ unnamed brand of z87.1 safety glasses from work

Blitz85 June 6th, 2013 19:43

Funny you mention safety committees, I'm currently co chair of the safety committee at a DuPont facility.. It's amazing how you take the knowledge with you outside of work..
Another member here sits on it as well we will see if he chimes in lol
Personally I use a DYE I4 mask, and have a pair of revisions as a backup.
Multiple face/ eye shots later and I couldn't be happier with them.

panzergrenadier June 6th, 2013 19:46

I've been using my Oakley Flak Jackets (Military Version) for the last 2 years.
I also use Smith Optics Boogie Regulators and just got a pair of the Prospect glasses.
Mil-Spec rated eyewear is what I prefer.

H1TMAN June 6th, 2013 19:54

Revision all the way.

Revision is what is issued to our military and if it passes their test it's good enough for me.

Swattiger June 6th, 2013 21:40

ESS Turbo Fan Googles, Oakley ballistic shooting glass.

I completely have no respect for those cheap clones as there is no joke for eyes protection!

ericwilliam June 6th, 2013 23:05

Revision Exoshields and Revision Sawfly's.

Both are unreal, obviously Mil-spec.

Would never EVER cheap out.

ThunderCactus June 6th, 2013 23:17

Some of you remember the thread I made about ESS ICE developing stress fractures over time and losing their protection
I'm now using ESS crossbows, although the fit is wider since there's no NARO option, they're really nice.
Would mind trying some WILEY-X or something, something more narrow lol

akira69 June 6th, 2013 23:27

used to run mesh never had an issue, with alot of fields requiring seal of at least lens, i bought a pair of revision desert locust fan goggles, once i removed the dust seal foam from the vents i havent had a lick of mosture or fog regular use of the revision wipes and fan running its almost better then using my own eyes.

darkshift June 6th, 2013 23:54

using revision sawfly and ess goggles. everything else you can cheap out on in this sport and its fine. NEVER cheap out on eye pro.

Curo June 7th, 2013 01:24

On a side note does anyone know if revision does Rx sunglasses? Ballistic rated ofc

OM3GA June 7th, 2013 02:49


Originally Posted by Curo (Post 1803420)
On a side note does anyone know if revision does Rx sunglasses? Ballistic rated ofc

They do for the Hellflys, iirc the Stingerhawks and Sawflys use the rx carrier.

Cobrajr122 June 7th, 2013 08:13


Originally Posted by Curo (Post 1803420)
On a side note does anyone know if revision does Rx sunglasses? Ballistic rated ofc

The sawflys have an Rx carrier that you ca get for them.

mzo June 7th, 2013 09:54

ESS Turbofan with Rx inserts ordered online from ESS.

I don't use the Rx inserts for airsoft games as they get drenched with sweat because they are close to my face, but the inserts are great for target shooting (airsoft and real steel).

Dasright June 7th, 2013 23:33

I use this:

Not ballistic rated in any way. I've shot right between where the eyes would be with my 2.8J AEG from a meter away and I can sort of see a very tiny imperfection left by the BB. I wear it in conjunction with this:

I cut off the mesh goggles of the face mask and just use the bottom as comfortable low profile protection for the mouth area and teeth.

oniwagamaru June 8th, 2013 00:32

hmmm where to start...
Paintball mask, ESS NVG Profile Goggles, Revision Exoshields, oakley m frames, revision BEWs (CF ones), and the one I use the most good ol' CF BEW's before the revision ones!

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