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06jorkee April 22nd, 2019 19:12

ESS Advancer V12 goggles- RX insert
I have a set of ESS ICE glasses that I use as shooting glasses, and paired with the Rx insert they work quite well for my purposes.

Now with wanting to have better coverage for airsoft, I decided to pick up a set of the discontinued V12 goggles on ebay because they take the same Rx insert as my ICE glasses.

The issue is that the V12's do not come with any way to actually mount the Rx insert, and ESS told me to pound sand when I asked for info on how to get it in there. I'm hoping that someone here has some kind of idea of what I need to do, what part(s) I need to do this, and hopefully where to find them. Right now these goggles are paperweights to me

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