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lurkingknight March 17th, 2017 23:21

g&g g36 service advisory
proprietary hopup unit and outer barrel to mount inner barrel group

proprietary nozzle length (26.66mm)

terrible air seal on stock nozzle with stock 1piece metal cylinder head.

Without a replacement nozzle with an o-ring the nozzle has a terrible air leak from factory. This gun does not seal up on a compression test and leaks like there's no o-ring on the piston at all. lol There's a bit of resistance from the piston but even slamming it in as fast as I can, there is very little seal.

Doesn't look like you can convert it to a marui style hop/nozzle combo either, the measurements are all wrong on the outer barrel and the lugs that lock the hopup into the outer.

I've found a g36 I hate more than the ares.

edit: so I flared a v3 cylinder head a bit at the tip to try and help stabilize the shitty nozzle to help feeding issues and potential loss of air seal due to the nozzle wobbling badly on the cylinder head.

Owner complained of very low fps (280 with a .2) Sorboed the lonex head, new piston body, regreased it all and now it's shooting 398 on the dot.

Only issue is that the nozzle still leaks like a sieve. Max hop on with a .32 I get 320fps. No hop on with a .32 I get 320fps. This is an issue. lol. I have a feeling this thing is going to spontaneously seal up at suddenly shoot 1.6J or some other ridiculous number over the limit at random intervals.

The only good things I have to say about this gun is that it feels nice. And the working bolt catch is cool. I would not buy one myself if I fell on my CA g36 and broke it in half. I'd try and find another CA. lol.

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