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ox56 November 5th, 2016 19:39

We hk416 question
Recently i picked up an hk416 off of someone local who was selling and he said it was an open bolt but when i looked for upgrades like the hopup and barrel there was no resemblance to the one in my gun. I had tried looking to see if there was other variations for this gun and none pop up is there a third version of the gas system cause i looked up closed bolt and got the same pages as the open bolt search (the one in my gun has a brass tube above the trigger box that sits there)

Hectic November 5th, 2016 23:48

this is what the open bolt parts look like. it seemes you may have a closed bolt gun. itbcan be converted, just need to find the kit. and the mag kits as well.

ox56 November 6th, 2016 00:57

Would it be worth it to convert the gun over?

Kos-Mos November 6th, 2016 02:01


Originally Posted by ox56 (Post 1992526)
Would it be worth it to convert the gun over?

Of you have the trademarks on the receiver, maybe.
The conversion kit is hard to find, usually 100$+ when in-stock.

If you have not purchased the gun already, might be worth looking around to find a real open bolt, or deal a cheaper price on this one.

Drake November 6th, 2016 02:01

Sounds like yours is closed bolt (post a pic of the ejection port with the bolt carrier locked back and we can confirm).

If it is, then as Hectic pointed out you can upgrade it to Gen4 (open bolt)

Is it worth it? Depends on you. I really prefer open bolt, better feel and better realism IMO. But is it worth $150 to you? Is this your first GBBR? If so, maybe just try running the closed bolt system and see if you like GBBRs before you sink more money into it. If you're hooked then you can upgrade.

Drake November 6th, 2016 02:03

Downside to running the older system is it'll be harder finding extra mags for it. All the new mags are for Gen4.

ox56 November 6th, 2016 03:09

I have had bolt actions before this would be the first blowback rifle but as per usual id like the idea of being able to upgrade or if a part breaks to be able to fix it

ox56 November 6th, 2016 03:10

As for the pictures this thing doesnt let me put any on no matter how much i try

Bigload November 6th, 2016 15:06

You can also tell if it is closed or open bolt by looking at the mags

They have different feed lips

Also if it is closed bolt you won't be able to use gen 2's mags? Correct me if I am wrong

I have a bunch of closed bolt parts you are welcome to, just pay for shipping

you can text me the pic and I can figure it out

Slodin November 6th, 2016 18:47

sounds like closed bolt. I had a WE 416 open bolt. No brass tube.

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