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FreelancerInc July 5th, 2011 21:56

ics galil-92 internal parts?
need to find a canadian retailor that sells internal parts for my new gun, still very new to the sport so any info you may have on this gun is appreciated. i mostly bought the gun for a wall hanger BUT i do want it to be well functional.

mostly looken to make the gun bulletproof, by which i mean turn as many internal parts into steel ecct instead of plastic.

SuperCriollo July 6th, 2011 14:07

You dont really need to contact an ICS distributor in order to get internal replacement parts for the Galil, because it uses a mostly standard V3. Anyway, there is no need to replace anything out of the box in this gun. I have been using my Galil for about 9 months, and shot well over 30,000 rounds and it is still working perfectly. So dont worry, just get out and play !

George Burdell July 6th, 2011 15:04

Don't upgrade things until they are broken.

FreelancerInc July 6th, 2011 20:55

i totally agree. unless the gun is not shooting at close to field max fps. HOWEVER in this case it is because something is broken


Originally Posted by George Burdell (Post 1496227)
Don't upgrade things until they are broken.

wildcard July 6th, 2011 21:18

The only thing I ever swapped on my King Arms Galil are the shitty plastic spring guide, hop up rubber to a modify clear and the inner barrel swap to a Madbull python, it's shooting far more accurate than before, it's a laser.

FreelancerInc August 18th, 2011 22:49

i am however in need of the handguard set screws and the thumb selector switch for it....

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