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hecklerjg October 14th, 2019 18:24

Ww2 airsoft reneactor groups in the GTA
Hi guys,

Just getting started into ww2 airsoft and uniforms. Is there any groups in the GTA that I could join (I'm thinking a Pacific theater uniform set up).


Drakker October 14th, 2019 21:02

I don't know the groups in your area, but a good place to start looking would be at the annual event Operation Woodsman :

Forever_kaos October 21st, 2019 23:20

Are you on Facebook at all?
Look for the "Ontario Airsoft WW2-Reenactors" page there.

The local allied forces are starting up a Pacific theater and are a great group of guys.

hecklerjg November 13th, 2019 18:47

Request sent of FB

666 November 17th, 2019 13:17


Originally Posted by hecklerjg (Post 2072135)
Request sent of FB

John is off of FB for a bit, let me know if you wont be able to get it, I'll contact mods to get you in.

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