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fastorange July 13th, 2008 00:57

Hello name is dave, im 34, from winnipeg....... (fastorange)and i am somewhat new, i am in winnipeg looking to get verified and get more into airsoft....thanx

Parafal July 13th, 2008 11:44

Hi, my name is Rodrigo nick name “Parafal”

I discovered airsoft in 2003 and had my first game in 2004 in the USA. Since 2003 I started to contact the Gun department in my country to create a regulation to allow Brazilian to play airsoft (I'm a Lawyer in Brazil). It’s was a hard fight but finally in 2008 (5 years later) the new regulation was released allowing airsoft to be played.

I’m the owner of the unique airsoft website in Brazil (, I write articles about airsoft for a Brazilian Gun magazine and now I’m living in Montréal.

I have some AEGs in the USA and Brazil but I can’t import them to Canada.
I played an airsoft game last weekend near Montréal and it was great. I’m trying to get age verified (I’m 31) but only one from the 5 local representative replied me and, unfortunately, he was not available for the verification.

There’s a story about my “fight” with the Brazilian Gun Dept at Arnie’s, it’s old and it wasn’t updated yet:

That’s it. I hope to be age verified soon to be able to re-start “airsofting” in Canada. ;)

empty_noise_room July 16th, 2008 03:00

Greetings and Salutations,

Name's Anthony.. or you can just call me Tony.. I've just joined after a few days of looking though the forums and reading the FAQs, currently working on getting verified... to which I'll just most likely show up at TTAC3 on sunday, already PM'ed Brian McIlmoyle about that with a few questions..

Not sure if airsoft is for me yet, so I look forward to playing a few games, getting a feel for it, and seeing if I wish to continue after that.

15thKnight July 20th, 2008 18:54

hi, names knight.
im new to airsoft wondering if there are any pointers for a first time player. namely in the toronto area. i know about the age req's for buying on this site but that's not an issue.
i allready own a l96. (i know about the minimun engagment distace). i was wondering if there s a test you need to take to be able to use the rifes in a event.
also what is the best outdoors event in canada to date?

Polar Nova July 20th, 2008 21:49

Hello. I am new. Well, I found this website a while ago and didn't register till now. I'll post pics of my M16 AWS soon.

Jer-Bear July 21st, 2008 11:51

Good thing I saw this before I stupidly started a new post to introduce myself.

Real name's Jerry, I'm originally from Singapore and came over here for school a few years back. Now I'm done and looking for employment. I've been a paintball player since 99 but has always done speedball until recently when I realized I'm getting too old to do the things 18 year olds do. Playing speedball with the 20 yr olds at 30 isn't fun. I've moved on into milsim paintball in the past couple years though.

I've been trolling this forum for years - even before I came over to Canada - and have observed on the threads the increased difficulty of obtaining and organising airsoft. You guys seem to keep it alive and well despite all the difficulty. Now that I'm done school and hopefully will get a stable job, I'm keen to join up. I'm just waiting to get age certified - dropped a PM to Jeroon last night to arrange a day to do so.

All in all, its great to sign up.

Shijima July 21st, 2008 16:43

Hey everyone, Im new to the game, name is Tim, and Im from Calgary AB.
Currently a student in town taking classes at SAIT and working part time for Toyota. Ive been interested in airsoft for a number of years now, but wasent old enough, now that I am, I cant wait to get started, I hope to be here for a long time, and cannot wait to see you all on the battlefield!

Polar Nova July 21st, 2008 17:03

Wow. I have never seen members come in so fast on an airsoft forum.

lexxicon July 22nd, 2008 03:39

Hi , my name is Greg and I am from Hamilton Ontario. I have been chairsofting for maybe 7 years trolling around forums reading and absorbing a lot of information. I turned 18, 2 years ago but I had no money to get into the sport, now I have been supporting myself for just under a year now I would love to get into it. The thing is that I need to get age verified so I would like to do that soon, but I am being somewhat hindered.

I would like to go out to some games that are local but considering that: I don't have a rifle, I don't have any transportation, and I don't know who if anyone can verify me locally I am confused as to what to do. I really don't want to pay for transport and admission to a game that I can't play in and I can't verify myself.

In regards to a uniform though, I am camo junkie, I have a selection of uniforms and some ghillie suits too, not the crappy ones from bushrag and the like, mine are hand made. I use good netting too so that I can actually stuff local veg.

I don't know what else to say other than can I have some help? and nice to meet you all.

I remember reading of a location in Toronto that sells guns AND versify for the forums, but I cant find the post about it. Was there something like that or am I dreaming? If it exists it could kill 2 birds with one pellet, so to speak.

rexdlu July 22nd, 2008 12:19

Hey lexxicon, you can still probably rent a gun and play AND get verified at a Flag Raiders game in Cambridge.


CDN__Player July 24th, 2008 10:21

New member
Hey guys im a new member here at ASC. I dont know if this is the right

section anyways, I am underage, and look forward to learning more about the

game of airsoft. Therefore im reading the FAQ's right now


crushed_rabbit July 24th, 2008 14:02

hi everyone!
just got registered here
finally found somewhere i can find all the info i need from :)
Im a minor but i am getting my Minor's firearms license in a few weeks
thanks for creating the wonderful forum :D

15thKnight July 24th, 2008 18:19


Originally Posted by crushed_rabbit (Post 776194)
hi everyone!
just got registered here
finally found somewhere i can find all the info i need from :)
Im a minor but i am getting my Minor's firearms license in a few weeks
thanks for creating the wonderful forum :D

unfortuatly the FAC wil do you no good here if your underage.
THIS is a 18+ forum and most event's wont take you.

JohnMont July 28th, 2008 14:37

Hey guys ;

I am new to all this ; didn't even know there was such a sport as airsoft; a new online buddy has introduced this to me. He's in the U.K.; so I can't play with him ; Are there any players in the REgina / Moose Jaw area? I'd love to meet some of you guys if you are in my area .

Now to explore this cool website


TokyoSeven July 28th, 2008 14:42

Welcome John.

You are in luck as you live in the one city in Sk that has the most players. Although there are others in MJ,Saskatoon and surrounding rural areas I do believe Regina has the majority, as well as the majority of the games held are in Regina.

Aside from exploring here, Id like to suggest you sign up for an account here:
Its the local website for team in Regina.

Once again welcome to ASC.

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