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p0nch3 July 18th, 2019 22:22

Maple leaf hop up replacement screws?
So Iíve almost stripped the screws on my unit and I wanted to replace them, but have no idea where to start. Been trying to see if there are oem ones but to no avail. Anyone got any leads for that?

That_Limey_Brit July 19th, 2019 13:46

What ML unit is it for? I assume one of their Glock/hi-cappa/1911 hop units?

Remove the screw, take it to your local hardware store and find a replacement. Is it threaded or self-tapping? (My guess is threaded).

If it is for the units mentioned above, you'll want a counter-sunk headed. Take the whole unit (not in the gun...) to your local and dive into the buckets of various sizes and thread rates.

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