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sly mantis July 18th, 2019 14:27

Ak midcap opinions
Got a cyma ak as my first airsoft aeg. Looking at toronto airsoft, they have cyma 150rd midcaps in 3 different styles: Metal, ak74 "bakelite" and waffle.
Any noticeable difference in quality or performance between each of these?


Desmodus July 18th, 2019 14:34

I've used the metal and bakelite ones, no issues with them at all.

That_Limey_Brit July 18th, 2019 17:11

I've not really had any issues with most brands of mids, I've never had good waffle mags though.

If it bothers you, be sure to get the correct magazine type for your rifle type. (7.62 for AK47's/AKMs, etc. 5.45 for AK74's and more modern rifles) what model is the AK you have?

sly mantis July 18th, 2019 18:39

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Seller told me its a Cyma Cm048. Not to sure on the exact model. see picture below. any information you can share would be appreciated.

That_Limey_Brit July 18th, 2019 18:49


Originally Posted by sly mantis (Post 2068670)
Seller told me its a Cyma Cm048. Not to sure on the exact model. see picture below. any information you can share would be appreciated.

74. You want bakelite 5.45mm style mags to be in keeping :) but in Airsoft they all work.

Wilkie July 18th, 2019 19:08

It’s all going to come down to what company produces these magazines. Assuming they came from the same company they’re likely exactly the same internally. Only difference being the aesthetic. Personally I like Bakelite for a 5.45 pattern Ak and metal for a 7.62 ak.

Ratters July 18th, 2019 19:52

Cyma aks74n
Very nice Afghanka style aeg, one of my favourite. What you need now is a bayonet, a Russian tourniquet holding a soviet era field dressing in the stock, a RP0-7 sight a GP-25, the buffer for the stock and a Russian Deer head sling. you could also mount a SVD cheek rest on it and some blue tape around double mags as some soviet troop in Afghanistan did. nice choice of rifle. What's also nice is you can easily convert it to the AKS74M

The CYMA 74 magazines are smooth sided meaning they don't have the side bolsters at the magwell end that some other brands come with.

Best thing to do when you game is ask other AK74 owners what mags they use and ask if you can try one, carefully. Never force a mag because the plastic lip will bend or break and this will likely piss off your buddy who may quickly change sides, light you up and claim he didn't hear you call your hits.

LCT 74 mags tend to be brittle in this area. CYMA Bulgarian type, the semi clear waffle type tend to jam by double stack bb's forcing the inner guide appart or in some cases the screw holes strip out.

Generally I would only buy new mags unless you can test them or trust the source.

CYMA, MAG Brand, Lancer, Aftermath, JG and Marui (og marui) should all fit and feed without issues. G&P, VFC, E&L mags all (i believe) have the side bolsters, they may or may not fit but they are the upper tier mags. out of those three G&P are popular, as are VFC.

Both are difficult to find in stock locally but worth the chase. Details are in the eyes of the beholder and the top prize imo goes to VFC.

sly mantis July 18th, 2019 23:12

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I knew it was a 74, but wasnt too concerned about authenticity of the look, i was more focused on the function/reliability, although the waffle mags were my favourite in terms of looks. Too bad it sounds like they might not be the most reliable.
I found some cyma metal Tantal style midcaps as well now. I think im going to go with those as it will keep the proper ak74 look and have the durability of metal.

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