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joshua3302 June 28th, 2019 08:43

Has anyone ordered parts from Airsoft Atlanta?
Has anyone ordered parts from Airsoft Atlanta? If so, how long did it take and did you have to pay brokerage fees, duty, tax?

joshua3302 July 9th, 2019 08:44

My order is at the local Canada Post for pick up today. I was not home yesterday when it came. It took about 9 days from Atlanta Airsoft to Vancouver BC.
The order was $115 us with $45 us for shipping. On the Canada post slip it has $39 owed which I assume is duty and taxes. $39 on a $110 order! Taxes, duty and a handling fee by customs.

My $120 order from Evike a few weeks ago had zero duty and taxes. I am assuming that Evike uses UPS from warehouse to your door while Atlanta uses the dreaded Canada Post once it crosses the border.
In the past when I use to order non airsoft items from the US, I noticed UPS never had duty for items around $120 or less but Canada Post always had duty.

My advice is to use Evike instead of Atlanta Airsoft. Shipping is quicker and a better chance of avoiding duty charges.
Better to buy in Canada but unfortunately hard to find stocked items.

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