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shadow_matter January 28th, 2019 18:48

When to cut your losses and move on?
I was cleaning out my shop preparing to move houses and found my ancient (circa 2007) JG M733. This is one of the old school M4 models with the shiny plastic body and horrible two-piece plastic hop-up.

The internals pretty much need a full overhaul to get it up to modern standards. I figure I can save the gears and tertiary gearbox parts but will need (at least):
- New spring & guide
- New motor
- New wiring & electronics (electronic trigger & mosfet)
- Possibly new piston & cylinder if damaged

Then there is the ancient hop-up system and body that is incompatible with all 1-piece M4 hop-up units. Not even sure if I can get parts for that anymore. The gun, if in full working order is worth less than $200. I'm looking at at least that in parts and also assuming I can somehow tune-up the air seal issues.

The rational side of my brain says "forget it, cut your losses and part it out" however I'm overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia for the thing since it was my first AEG.

What do you think, worthwhile project or money sinkhole? Where would you draw the line?

Desmodus January 28th, 2019 19:14

Honestly, its probably a sinkhole to fix dude. For the money you'd drop to fix it you can easily buy something newer AND better. If it brings that must nostalgia though for you its not a terrible idea to just keep it for sentimental value?

Thee_McFierceson January 28th, 2019 21:11

Awesome dude!

Freeze January 28th, 2019 21:40

IMO I'd keep it for the nostalgia and just buy a new gun. Hang this old thing on the wall and reminisce about the good ol' days, but buy a new gun to be your workhorse.

shadow_matter January 29th, 2019 23:17

Thanks for the feedback. I'll cut my losses and leave it as a wall hanger.

Infantryman January 30th, 2019 01:11

You can use a dremel to cut the lower receiver to fit a one piece hopup. I modified my old jg m4 to use the newer rotary hopups.

Ratters January 31st, 2019 12:12

Two piece hop up
Are they really that bad? I've been gaming an Echo1 Stag Arms M16 and I've had my concerns about the two piece hop unit. But to be honest it's been fantastic on the field, zero misfires and I chrono my guns before and after each event and fps has been consistent. In fact I'm curious where I can find original TM two piece units to have as spares. I was also considering modding the lower receiver to accept one piece hop ups but I figure why fix it if it isn't broke.

ThunderCactus February 1st, 2019 23:40

Given it's from 2007, it's one of those JG Chinasoft AEGs from back when Chinasoft JUST hit the market in full force, and every guntech worth their salt told everyone not to buy them because they were NOT (in fact) fully tm compatible and had horrible tolerance variances all over, and people bought them anyway and were shocked when not 6 months later their gun broke and nobody seemed to want to work on a $200 piece of hot garbage.

Honestly, cut your losses, get rid of it ASAP, because the chinasoft stuff we have now is way better than the garbage they were flogging at the same price in 2007.

shadow_matter February 4th, 2019 16:21

@ThunderCactus fair point. I had a pretty positive experience with the purchase at the time. It was an affordable way into the hobby and provided 3-4 years of pretty consistent play without any major technical issues.

Looking back on it now, there were definitely signs of shot inconsistencies probably due to poor hop-up and air seal tolerances but at the time as a new player I didn't know any better and quite frankly, didn't care. I viewed it as the Kia Forte of AEG's, it wasn't ultimately refined but it got you on the field within your budget. I totally agree with you in that product development has come a long way since the mid 2000's. A $200 purchase today would serve someone much better than one ~12 years ago.

charlie_hozz February 5th, 2019 00:05

Simple question, why do you have to up date it? Use it for what it is, a cheap gun. I also have the same gun and love it for what it is. Itís now running a TM stock gear box. Other parts were leftovers from upgrades from other guns. If you think itís a piece of crap than use it until it falls apart, you might be surprised on how long it lasts ( or it really is a piece of crap and it brakes the same day). Or sell it to me :) . Itís always nice to have a loaner as a back up.

Multikam April 5th, 2019 15:54

I think Charlie_hozz has the practical idea of making it into a loaner gun. I'd even go as far as make it to one of those 'pink' colored female-friendly guns for the girls that want to check out airsoft.

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