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Activist December 8th, 2017 22:24

From chairsofter to airsofter - need input on (AR-15) GBB Rifles. WE only
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Right now on Torontoairsoft they have the "wetti tech M4a1 open bolt" on sale for $429.99 from 499.. However the plain M4A1 has no front rails and a (stock) long barrel. But the WE KAC PDW is $499.
So if I went with WE, I can pay $430 for a standard AR or I can pay the extra $70 and it comes with a much shorter barrel and a folding stock.

I have attached a picture of my real-steel AR-15. I would want to use the foregrip off of it and attach it to the RIS of the WE PDW. But if I decide to save that $70 by only getting the plain m4 then I'd need to buy a new ris foregrip AND a folding stock because I want both.
That is Why I am wondering if I should just buy the cheaper m4a1 and install my own RIS foregrip (and eventually get a folding stock) or if I should just go for the PDW and pay the extra $70.

The reason I've only been talking about WE so far is because the PDW (in black) is in stock, it comes with two mags and it's open bolt, and I want an AR that has been proven to be reliable (internally/externally) with easy access to cheap upgrade parts. I also want it to be durable. I want to be able to treat this thing almost like my real AR. I want to be able to slap the left side of the receiver to hit the bolt catch just like I do for my R.S. I want the body and the buttons, trigger, barrel all reinforced.

Since the gun costs about the same as an AR-STYLED .22 rifle - I've decided that if I'm dropping more than $500 on an Airsoft gun then it's time to come out to a game and introduce myself to the guys. Now comes my "Airsoft" needs.

I bought my first Airsoft gun (a UHC Glock 17 Springer) 13 and a half years ago. I've only ever owned AEG's. I've also only ever plinked...

I want the PDW because it is still just as strong & durable, accurate and reliable as the full sized M4A1 Carbine, but with a slight loss in FPS due to the shorter barrel. I don't know what the fields around the Saskatoon-area are like, but the PDW would be good for long range and cqb battles.

Who here has a WE m4 or a WE PDW? thanks for the input

R.I.T.Z December 8th, 2017 22:46

you can't mount a folding stock onto the standard M4A1 like the PDW because of how the bolt operates.

Activist December 9th, 2017 00:51


Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z (Post 2014723)
you can't mount a folding stock onto the standard M4A1 like the PDW because of how the bolt operates.

Yes I should have realized that earlier - I watched a take down video and instead of using the buffer tube with a spring, the PDW uses an internal inertia spring like a ruger 10/22 to pull it forward. Thx for clarifying

Activist December 11th, 2017 22:12

I decided to just go with the full-sized M4 A1 and just buy a bottom rail attachment for the original handguard so that I can attach a for grip

Anyone with non leaky c02 mags should pm me.if they wanna sell them

Katipunero December 12th, 2017 13:45

You can put a folding stock adapter on the WE M4.

There is a LAW tactical folding stock adapter clone that I ran for a while on my GHK M4, but couldn't fit on my WE M4 - only because the buffer extension that fits on the back of the bolt carrier has a smaller bore than a GHK bolt carrier. Otherwise, everything fits.

You would need to make the bore slightly larger (on an aftermarket bolt carrier since the stock WE M4 bolt carrier does not have this bore).

I have both the WE PDW and M4, and in terms of reliability, the PDW has been better than the M4.

The bolt catch on the PDW has never failed me; it's still original having gamed it for thousands upon thousands of rounds. The only internal parts I've replaced were the firing pin and auto sear.

You can slap the paddle on a PDW forever and it won't affect wear on the bolt catch anywhere near as it is on a WE M4. With the M4, you will quickly learn that power stroke is better than paddle slap if you want to retain bolt lock functionality.

Both are good. But if I was to rely on one of the two for a specific game, it would be my PDW.

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