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LimaCharlie May 27th, 2015 20:44

DBOYS HK416, help needed
Does anyone have any direct experience with this AEG? I'm thinking of getting one. As far as upgrades would I need some right away or further down the line?

Hectic May 27th, 2015 23:14

Most of those china guns will need part right away or at least prety soon after they are used, however some last a long ass time. Most cases its a crappy piston and or piston head, inner barrel and hop rubber. Gears are often prety soft and the tolerences useually suck too (ie some parts wont like to fit, even full drop in boxes may need some work to fit.)
If a 416 is what you like (my favorite AR thle rifle) then id suggest saving up and getting a vfc/umarex. They are the nicest 416's on the market, they need a piston and a sorbo pad but otherwise they are solid.

fretwire May 28th, 2015 10:52

Keep in mind that any time you buy something 'on the cheap' it usually ends up costing you more in the long run with upgrades/repairs/maintenance/etc.

That said, it might be a benefit with Airsoft guns because they're lots of fun to hack on and breaking a cheap toy hurts much less than breaking an expensive one!

ccyg8774 May 29th, 2015 10:24

I don't have an issue with Chinese made guns in general, but I do with this specific model of DBOY HK416.

The magwell and the magazine are sized in a way that if you insert some magazines into it, the magazine will either not align right with the feed tube of the hop-up unit causing a no-feeding, or the magazine will push the hop-up unit forward enough to cause a double feeding.

And by some magazines I mean all of my AR magazines (mostly King Arms and CYMA) except the hi-cap one that come with the DBOY HK416.

I thought I fixed it by replacing the hop-up chamber and shim the new chamber... I was wrong, and I didn't find out untill I was on the field wanting to use it. Had to use my backup gun (a gun with CQB FPS) for a outdoor field that day, not very happy experience.

Maybe a slightly longer nozzle, or some filing on the tappet plate will fix the problem for real, but I don't currently have the time nor space to try it.

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