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Mitso July 9th, 2011 10:46

Looking for someone that fixes Airsoft AEGs in Montreal.
Good day. I am looking for someone in the Montreal area that maintains upgrades and fixes Airsoft AEGs. I have a Real Sword Type 56 that is brand new never gamed with it yet, but eventually I will so I would need someone that I can trust to have it serviced or dismantled and cleaned. Must be reputable please! :)

L473ncy July 9th, 2011 11:19

TBH with an RS you can just game it right out of the box without any preventative maintenance since the factory has some pretty tight QC standards and the price you pay for their products are partly because of the excellent QC.

Look here under the Quebec section:

George Burdell July 9th, 2011 11:22

you could look through this

Mitso July 9th, 2011 16:13

Thank you boyz!:p

Styrak July 9th, 2011 17:10

If it ain't broke...

R.I.T.Z July 9th, 2011 17:27


Originally Posted by Styrak (Post 1498118)
If it ain't broke...

upgrade the snot out of it and tinker with EVERYTHING!

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