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Yuxi May 15th, 2008 12:55

Second Line Kit Gallery - Chestrig/Armor/Webbing, etc
Post up pictures of your main rig, whatever it may be.

Yuxi May 15th, 2008 12:58

Pantac CIRAS: Camelbak MUEL, Pantac copy of the LBT 1961A rig, and Motorola Saber I

London Bridge Trading 1195 Riverine, in Woodland.

White_knight May 15th, 2008 18:45

heres my newest one taken from another thread.

HSGI Wasatch in cadpat ar

(mines on the left, mr.evolution's is on the right)

heres what the back looks like with my pt armor

FOX_111 May 15th, 2008 18:52

My custom plate carrier. On the OD side with G36 compatible mag pouches.

Same vest, in Black configuration.
Sorry for the bad pic, it's the only one I got ready.

Nervikaire May 15th, 2008 19:01

Paraclete HPC w/cummerbund

DBT short shingles X4
DBT regular shingles X2 (replaced with TT shingles now)
TAG Hydration carrier on the back

Lightweight, still has room for other stuff if needs be. (might get an MP5 soon so... :D )

The rest of the stuff is on my first line (radio, GP pouch, other mags) so I can ditch the 2nd if needs be.

-Per- May 15th, 2008 19:28

Second line

RG - TAG Chest Rig
RG - TAG M16 mags six pack
RG - TAG Smoke pouch
RG - ATS Triple Mag Shingle
OD - HSGI quad Pistol Mag Pouch
CB - Pantac back panel
CB - Pantac M60 pouch

RiteOff May 26th, 2008 10:44

Maritime Ciras. Re configed again

towellie May 30th, 2008 14:32


FOX_111 May 30th, 2008 15:40

What's under my ghillie suit.
Old canadian webbing to carry all the shit and giggles + molle pannel that fit under both arms to carry my new MK23 + 2 mags and other gadjets.

Cheesevillage May 30th, 2008 16:24

Ghillie973 May 30th, 2008 16:31

MrEvolution June 2nd, 2008 21:05

Night Photo. My gear is a Work In Progress. I Use the SAW Pouch as a dump pouch at the moment.

Motaal June 2nd, 2008 21:28

Still Wicked Non the Less.

Crunchmeister June 2nd, 2008 22:29

Only have pics with myself wearing the stuff...

Nothing too special overall. It's a cheap CADPAT M4 tac vest I got from ArmyIssue. I have a belt attached to its loops with my CADPAT drop-leg holster and CADPAT drop-leg dump pouch. Have a CADPAT hydration system I'm working on mounting on the back of the vest.

I've gamed it once so far and it's comfortable and does what it's supposed to, so I guess that's a good thing. I can carry 12 M4 mags or 6 AK mags - more than enough, I would say.

Bob the Angry Potato June 2nd, 2008 22:31

Genuine HSGI Wasatch in CADPAT. Just got an arseload of mag pouches, but made the mistake of not getting MALICE clips.

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